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Blues Cuvée Artist: Seco

"Cry The Blues" 2003-2004

Born in 1958 near Mexico City, Seco came from a family of teachers, and he grew up cultivating a deep passion for the classics in literature and music.  At age 20, in spite of his successful initiation as one of Mexico’s promising young writers, Seco did not really find himself until he started drawing.  After three years of drawing devotedly, he painted his first canvases and found the real vocation of his life. In 1996 he left his native Mexico, came to the United States, and his recognition as a painter of classical musicians emerged.  As guest of both the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and the New West Symphony, Seco sketches the orchestras in pursuit of the challenge of life-drawing the musician.  His subsequent paintings, based on these sketches, engage the viewer with bold composition and fearless technique.  Seco’s gestural brush stroke captures all the movement and energy of his subject, revealing the artist’s deep knowledge of the human form and his sensitivity to all the dynamic that it contains. Seco passed away in Mexico City on February 23rd, 2011. For more information about Seco please email: nfavila@sbc.global.net