“BLOWIN’ THE BLUES” 1999-2000

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Blues Cuvée Artist: J.C. Jaress

Blowin' the Blues 1999-2000

The fourth artist to provide us with original artwork for our Blues Cuvée series is J.C. Jaress from Los Angeles, California. J.C. actually found us, during a weekend visit to our valley. While visiting our tasting room, he saw our previous Blues Cuvée art, and he felt his work would fit right in. He then sent us samples of his portfolio and we really liked what we saw. He later brought up actual pieces for us to see first hand and we were impressed enough to decide to have him paint our fourth artwork

About his work, J.C. says, “I’m basically a figurative painter who is most interested in capturing the mood and feel of the moment, of exposing something about the subject. My work style is expressionistic in use of color and application of paint.”

Much of J.C.’s subject matter has been portraits of musicians. J.C. admits, “I’m a big fan of jazz and blues, and I use music to create a mood in my mind; the mood that I am hoping to incorporated into my work. The best paintings are the ones where I listen to the painting, when I remove my ego from the process and allow the painting to become what it is intended to be.”

J.C. has been recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Art Association, which besides enabling him to further develop his own art career, also allows him to get involved in a movement that seeks to sponsor and encourage other emerging artist within the Los Angeles area.

We have enjoyed our collaboration with this fine person and rising artist and we are tremendously pleased to present J.C.’s work, entitled “Blowin’ the Blues.”
You may contact J.C. at: jjaress@mindspring.com